The earbud kit needs a more substantial jack



  • michael andrews
    michael andrews

    I have two of these units and both adaptors have broken through the wirs. Poorly made.

  • Keith Carlson
    Keith Carlson

    I hope the design changes. I've had mine for just a short time, and the left channel started cutting, then finally quit altogether. I have an RMA going now, but wondering how much longer a replacement will last?

  • Mike Chalmers
    Mike Chalmers

    What, if anything, are Sena doing by way of replacing the broken headset clamps?

  • Melayne Baker
    Melayne Baker

    I agree, the jack needs to be built-in to the unit, contained within the casing. The left channel cut out on mine too after only a few days of use. Bad design.

  • Ian Fox
    Ian Fox

    I have only had my Sena SMH 10 for earbuds for 4 weeks and have experienced exactly the same Aux cable failure - the left channel fails first then the unit suffers intermittent sound loss and now nothing. I have isolated the problem to the female end of the MP3 AUX cable, but I fully expect a similar failure at either end of this substandard MP3 AUX cable. The cable supplied with the unit is poor quality and Sena is doing itself no good persisting with such a flimsy cable and jacks. Under the slightest stress the jack will break, it is completely unsuitable for Motorcycle use. It would cost Sena very little extra to supply a Premium Quality MP3 cable and gold jacks with strong connections.. I have sourced a Belkin Mixit MP3 Coiled Male and Female jack that will do the job admirably. I have secured the connections at both ends close to the helmet to minimise stress on the connections and expect to get a great deal longer service from this set up than that supplied by Sena. It's a simple matter but I believe it is costing Sena plenty of sales; one just have to read the user reviews to note this reoccurring problem. 

  • Rcmpt

    You need to get rid of the pigtail and build the jack into the unit so the over torquing does not exist. The pigtail flops around in the wind and like a metal coathanger that is bent repeatedly, it breaks! I have had two of these units go out on me and I needed to move the wire around on both to get it to work and then they both went out. I thought the first was a fluke, but I guess it is a poor design.


     Picture below

  • Jack Atkins
    Jack Atkins

    I have the fix finally.Use JB Weld or similar epoxy. First coat the flexible portion of the earbud jack with epoxy to make it more rigid. Then cut  small semi triangular piece of rigid plastic to fit between the earbud stalk and main body of the Sena unit. Use JB weld or similar to fix the plastic in place to support the earbud and make it completely rigid. Remove any excess epoxy to allow clamp to fit flat against helmet and reinstall clamp. The earbud no longer moves around and no more broken wires.


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