Audio mixing

There is currently a problem when using an all-in-one smartphone, as any sat nav audio (from an app on the phone device) is indistinguishable by the SMH10 from just music. Hence it is lower priority than intercom so with intercom on, you CANNOT receive sat nav instructions. The only solution is to leave the intercom off, which somewhat defeats the purpose of having something like the SMH10.

I realise this problem is down to how the smartphone outputs it's audio over available BT profiles and not strictly Sena's fault, but there IS something that Sena could do about it to solve the problem. MIX the A2DP audio (sat nav or music) with intercom audio. That way it is possible to hear everything and not miss routing instructions even when chatting with other riders/passengers.

So this is the requirement. Mix those 2 audio streams and solve the biggest problem when using Sena's products. I actually believe this would be a BETTER solution even than if the SMH10 could correctly distinguish between those types of audio (which is unlikely to ever happen) and prioritise them.

So come on Sena, what about it? It's just a software issue so this could be developed and rolled out with a firmware update and the problem is SOLVED. I would seriously like to get Sena's response to this. Have something of a discussion to ensure it gets done correctly. I'm awaiting their response.


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