Record intercom and mic signals seperatly on GoPro Bluetooth Pack



  • Klaus Heinrich Kiwi
    Klaus Heinrich Kiwi

    As commented on some of the many other similar feature requests, I think Sena could do a firmware upgrade to have the GP10 unit behave like an intercom partner, taking sound from the internal mic when not on intercom, reverting to bluetooth sound when on intercom (think of it like a microphone connected to an intercom partner).

  • David Kuhn
    David Kuhn

    I think this is a needed configuration option... there's no advantage to stereo ambient sound in any of my GoPro uses (Motorcycle mostly)... but separating the ambient into the left channel with intercom on the right would allow me to capture that channel for mixing later. I'm new to the Gopro pack and lost several hours of audio because I couldn't imagine that the ambient mic would be mixed onto the mono vocal channel. 


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