Feature Request: Ability to "lock" a paired intercom to a particular intercom "slot"

Device: 20S

I would like the ability to lock a particular rider's intercom to a particular intercom slot so that they are not "pushed" down the stack of intercoms that I've paired with.

I ride with multiple riders, and they in turn ride with others. Intercoms are always getting paired and re-paired. There are several riders who I ride with on a very regular basis and I would like to "keep" them in my Intercom-1 and Intercom-2 slots so that I can open a channel to them via one press or two presses on the intercom button.

Another use case would be a rider with a regularly recurring pillion. Pairing with new riders will push the pillion down the stack and either require re-pairing or progressively more annoying sequences of button pushing or voice commands to contact the pillion.

It seems like such a feature would best be implemented in the smart phone or desktop application.

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