Offline settings change via Smartphone App (while not paired)...

It could be useful to adjust some setting in the App which get syncronized with the Sena device once reconnected.

For example adjust Radio stations or number presets.
Example: This evening I plan a tour and would like to setup two phone numbers for the ride. Would be nice to do it now on the app and later the Headset knows them.

Once repaired with the phone, this settings could be updated on the Headset.

To avoid problems in case settings also have been changed on the PC, the App and Headset could compare their current settings (on the headset) vs the "old" settings (on the app). In case they don't match, give a warning if you really want to overwrite the Headset settings. If they match, simply update them (optinally a message (e.g. Android toast message) "settings updated".


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