No stream to phone capability



  • Jeff Andrews
    Jeff Andrews

    Not to sound harsh, but that's kind of your fault. While I agree that a phone stream to align the camera would be nice, it's pretty much unnecessary. Simply do your best to align the red mark on your lens to be perpendicular to the ground and make a quick test vid. 

  • Twinrider2000

    If you have used a goPro or similar it is nice to have your phone mirroring the shot you are taking as well as being able to control the unit (start, stop, still, etc).  I'm not an idiot and can align the camera without it but it would be much easier with a screen in front of you rather than take a shot, remove SD card, put card in computer and view footage, adjust camera....repeat.  I cant think of a single other camera/video product that does not have a view finder of some sort.  I posted this because I think it is important for Sena to know what their customers want, and if it is as simple as a firmware update, boom, Bob's your uncle. 

  • Jeff Andrews
    Jeff Andrews

    Fair enough. I too would love this feature, just didn't get that your were making a product enhancement request. 

  • Lance Kool
    Lance Kool

    I hope they add this feature very soon as well. I just assumed it was going to be a feature.  Totally agree with Twinrider. I have been trying to line up the camera just the way I like  it and its a PITA. its not only the rotation of the lens (which I cant seem to get exactly horizontal) but I want to see at what angle I need to have to completely get rid of the helmet on the side of the pic. Also the 360 degree view. how far I can point the camera upwards.

    Also, if you could see it on your phone, you could use the camera to take group videos with YOU IN IT more accurately. Leave helmet on seat, or ground and you stand with your buddies and start the vid or take shots.

  • Robert Wentworth
    Robert Wentworth

    I too am like Twinrider2000.  I purchased this and found it annoying to try to align the camera correctly.. I had to go on test rides, make the video. Come back and check the video on my computer.. realize it needed adjusted, then make the adjustment and go back out and test again. 

    Also, I like being able to record a video while im riding somewhere and if I arrive at my destination with no need to keep the video, I can simply delete the video, freeing up space on the small SD card that it allows.  I shot video on 720 at 60fps and 1080 30fps... the 720 is terrible quality and couldn't even make out most vehicle license plates if I would have ever needed to. I will only ever use this in 1080. 

    And since im ranting.. what is up with the incredibly overbearing wind noise? at 55mph the wind noise is so loud that I can barely hear my full Akrapovic exhaust system on my BMW HP4... what a sad audio recording setup.

    The fact that I used to have a go pro device and have used their phone app makes me feel like this product is subpar and not worth the money I spent on it. My advice, stick with a Go Pro and your older Sena Bluetooth products for music. 

  • markpdryden

    Would also love this ability to watch the live stream... it can not be that hard to incorporate with a firmware update?  

    Is there some real issues with providing this Sena?  Do you all read these "product requests", or do they go un noticed?

    The wind noise is beyond ridiculous for sure.  Is there a good system for recording audio above 60mph?  Would love to hear recorded audio of my Yoshi at 14k rpm.. onboard. 

  • John L. Brown
    John L. Brown

    I would love to have active video  on the phone well as a 20s with a camera...and the hookup is a weak point...the wiring needs to be more like the smh10's ....just a few requests, sena...I would buy the 20 if it had a camera and live streaming and a better hookup....I have the prism, but the 20 "c" would be better!

  • Robert Cubberley
    Robert Cubberley

    gopro really set the bar high with their app functionality. I really hope Sena catches up soon.

  • afpc21

    I can't believe 10c in record video mode doesn't record in coming caller voice on the play back of the video Why does this function not work Its a one sided conversation makes no sense. 


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