ability to configure priority of FM radio vs A2DP Bluetooth

I bought an SMH5-FM which I'm very pleased with so far. When the Smartphone is connected, it now allows me to automatically get the notifications from other smartphone apps into the sena speakers.  So my smartphone safety and radar warning app now successfully notifies me of hazardous situations through the sena device without any extra handling or extra bluetooth apps, and it is mixed with my smartphone Bluetooth music. GREAT.
However, as the FM radio has a higher priority than Bluetooth music, the warnings from the safety and radar warning app are not getting through anymore when I turn on the radio.

I would like to have the possibility to choose via a configuration menu which function has priority over the other between FM radio or Bluetooth music A2DP. So that when I listen to FM Radio, and the smartphone app needs to notify me, it will get priority over the Radio and I can hear the notifications.


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