Clamp Kit Upgrades (Remote Antenna, Jog Dial Bump Shield, Colours)

I have three suggestions for a new base unit. 

1. If I could move the 20S antenna to the top of my helmet, I would. Rider positions vary on the road, and wireless connections without line-of-sight to both antennas can be weak even between two 20S units with antennas up as they are positioned on the left side. Having the option of attaching a remote antenna extender to the other side or top of the helmet (like a flat coil) may improve signal strength. The next base clamp unit could possibly feature another input for a remote antenna, or use an existing input to reroute the signal via firmware (if possible). Maybe even make "cat ear" shaped antenna extenders just for kicks.

2. The Jog Dial can be bumped easily by one's own shoulder during shoulder checks, head movements, and the occasional bump from the passenger. Having a bent tab that extends slightly out from the base unit to shield the underside and rear of the Jog Dial be beneficial, while providing access to the Jog Dial from the top. Alternatively, the main unit may be modified so that the Jog Dial becomes just a dial and a independent button is placed at the core of the Jog Dial. Considerations need to be made regarding wind noise/drag and rain with those bumper tabs though.

3. Though black is the most versatile option for the base clamp unit, it would be nice to have different colour variants. Just a thought. 



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