Sena Handlebar Remote - Button customization / Permanent Installation / Phone Pair‏

I really like the new Sena Handlebar remote. It was long due. However, using it I've found a couple of issues:

1. Button Customization

Sena should recognize that there are various user demographics. There will be those who are more interested in the ability to receive phone calls, those who almost exclusively use the Sena headset for music (me), and those who use it to support video making and the likes. As such, each has different preferences. The Sena handlebar remote should reflect that, allowing the user to select functions for each button. I would love to be able to set it up with the Sena app. Since the phone doesn't communicate with the remote, the app should configure the Sena Bluetooth Device, and the device should interpret the commands from the handlebar remote. For example, i bought the Sena remote mostly to adjust volume and to skip tracks, so I would like to skip tracks simply pressing to the right, not holding. I would love if I could fast forward the track holding to one side or the other, but I'm not sure if that is technically possible with bluetooth. Users should be able to decide what function they want for each button, and this is something that could be designed easily in the firmware.

2. Permanent Installation

Please allow for "permanent" installation. I intend to leave the remote on the bike when I park, and it bothers me that someone who would want to steal it wouldn't even need a screwdriver. An installation with a lobe pin torx wrench (the star shaped allen wrench with the pin in the middle) would be the ideal candidate for a screw to keep the unit "closed", attached, or whatever needed. Also, the shape is awful. I would have much preferred something more discreet (cylindrical), but that may be limited by the components and the batteries. In any case, please come up with a design that allow for mechanical fixing by a screw to make it not so easy to steal. And possibly with more discreet colors.

3. Allow pairing with phone for use with wired headphones/enhanced compatability

Currently, the remote pairs with the Sena Bluetooth unit. I'm sure this has been discussed, but the option to pair it to the phone would be highly desireable, and even open up it's usefulness to different markets where a helmet isn't that important and earphones are more convenient than a bluetooth enabled helmet. What I mean is that I would like to be able to use regular headphones (possible headphones with a microphone) connected to the 3.5mm phone port, and use the Sena Remote paired with my phone to skip tracks, change volume, and take or hang up on calls. Anything besides that is a plus, but those things can be done by the sena handlebar remote without any technical problems. And for bike users, or who knows, even for a treadmill or spinning user at the gym it would also be great.

If you also feel this way about any of these features, please leave a comment or show your support. Thanks for reading!


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