Create a remote control with motorbike glove friendly buttons that can mount on a RAM ball.

The handlebar remote is frankly dangerous when mounted on the left hand grip, it obstructs the horn, signal and passing switches and moves when operated thus risking obstructing the clutch lever,

Although the wrist mounted remote could be used attaching it somehow to the bike it would still be a bit of a bodge.

It would be much better to have a separate remote unit with larger glove friendly  buttons that mounted on a 25mm ram ball (for instance).  That would give you the option of mounting on the handlebars, the centre stock or elsewhere on the bike.  (I have an ultimate addons phone case that has a three pin adaptor to ram ball mount - have a look at how they mount: http://www.ultimateaddons.co.uk/Vehicle_Accessories/Motorcycle_Accessories?cat=Adapters)

if you used a similar adaptor you could use the same unit for the wrist mounted or even mount it on a console panel inside the fairing, surely having only one unit to support and develop would reduce your costs?



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