PTT (Push to Talk) functionality!

My Device: Sena 20S


Hello Sena team,

First off, I love your products, and I use my 20S every day, also good to see frequent firmware updates. 
However, everything can be improved, and today I have a feature or even product request for your engineering team.

I'd like to see PTT (Push to Talk) functionality, and I don't mean opening and closing the entire channel with the jog dial, I mean push a button to open the microphone, let the button go and the microphones closes again, but the channel keeps being open. 
All I want is either a toggle or press and hold to open and close the microphone channel.

Voice activation is nice, but I really don't need to hear all the background and wind noise at all times, and opening and closing the channel takes to much time. The channel should be opened when the ride starts, with a simple button you can press to open and close the microphone channel in the Sena device, but not the entire channel to other Sena devices, this can be a simple software solution.

Apart from that, you would need a remote, here you have two options, using the Sena handle bar remote and assign one button to PTT or microphone on/off toggle (please build in both so the user can choose), or a new PPT remote you can strap to your handle bar or to your arm for the pillion.

This company has a good idea, have a look at the remote: https://www.fusar.com/products/fusar-handlebar-controller

PTT is a must have! Voice activation with all the engine and wind noise is just not good enough.





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