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  • Sena

    It is not possible as stated in the manual because it would require a different pairing configuration so that you are pairing the 20S to the mobile phone.

  • Liamsdad

    Well, you can pair your mobile phone to the 20S using the 'Second Mobile Phone Pairing' instructions in the manual. This leaves the First mobile phone slot free for music, GPS, etc. You won't be able to have your phone simultaneously connected to your GPS and Sena device. Limitation of the phone.

  • Ken

    2nd phone pairing just isn't working right for me. 

    Playing with the unit for a couple of hours late last night while trying to comply with Sena's instructions to me:  I had the Zumo on my desk, iPhone on my desk, and helmet on my head. 

    Sena tech support suggested that I pair my iPhone as the first phone (that works great) and then pair the Zumo as the second phone.  That didn't work so well.  

    5.4.2  describes 2nd phone pairing.  It states to press the jog button for 6 seconds and you'll hear multiple beeps.  When I press and hold my jog button for more than 2 seconds, it begins playing MP3 music from my iPhone which is paired as phone 1.  I never hear the multiple beeps as stated in the manual.  I've tried it dozens of times with the same results.  When wearing the helmet, you cannot see the indicator light begin to rapidly flash red to prompt the user to push the  phone button within 2 seconds.  I don't know if the red flashing began or not.  If you don't press the phone button within 2 seconds, you've missed it and will have to start all over again.  (voice of experience)  I'd power the unit OFF and then back on.  The iPhone would reconnect; and I'd begin trying to pair a second phone again. 

    Mobile phone pairing is supposed to be accomplished with the unit in standby.  But pushing the jog button to pair to the second phone starts MP3 music from the iPhone.  Does that mean that the Sena is no longer in standby and pairing will not work?  I just don't know. 


    By using earbuds and placing the helmet on the desk with the iPhone and Zumo, I could see the light begin to rapidly flash red.  It took 7 or 8 seconds before that happened.  At that time, the Sena voice said, "Intercom Pairing".   I ignored the "Intercom Pairing" statement and pushed the phone button within 2 seconds.  It looked like it wanted to pair with something.  Then, I went to the Zumo and tried to pair it as a phone.  It recognized the Sena, but instead of pairing as a phone, it paired as an audio device.  BUT AT LEAST IT PAIRED!   SUCCESS (or so I thought). 

    First, I check phone operation via the Sena-to-iPhone link.  It worked well. 

    Next, I tried MP3 music from my iPhone.  It worked well. 

    Next, I tried Zumo routing instructions.  It worked well. 

    Then, I tried Zumo MP3 music.  It was horrible!  Extremely raspy. 

    That's OK.  If I use my iPhone for MP3, I won't need Zumo music except for XM radio.  So I went back to confirm that iPhone MP3 music worked.  It was REALLY horrible.  One channel of the stereo was completely missing and the other channel was raspy, distorted, and mono.   At one point,  "Bye Bye Miss American Pie" was playing at 1/10th speed!  Sounded like a 45 RPM record being played at 16 RPM.  

    I reported my results to the help desk, gave up and went to bed, it was after midnight and I was getting nowhere.  I don't believe that my issues are the result of my misuse of the product or inability to follow instructions; but instead, the firmware has serious problems. 

    The entire reason for trying this scenario was to make the Zumo have lower priority than intercom.  Sena told me that pairing the Zumo as a second phone would put it at a lower priority. 






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