Additional things to fix

Some fixes I'd like to see for the 20s.  iPhone music won't automatically resume when SR10 is used in the system.  (works fine with my SMH10 connected to iPhone and SR10).  Music sharing does not work when 20s is connected to a SMH10 (worked fine between two SMH10's).  Audio multi-tasking does not work very well when connected to an SMH10 - audio cut outs and mic noise from SMH10 seems to be activating feature continuously and adjusting sensitivity does not seem to help.  Fix the earbud buzz problem. (It's very minor with mine but others report significant problems).  FM radio sensitivity very poor - only receives very strong stations nearby.

From all that I have been reading, the new features seem to work best when everyone has a 20s. It would be nice if there was better backward compatibility since a lot of us still use SMH10's and SR10's.  If these compatibility issues with the SMH10 and SR10 are inherent to the newer technology of the 20s and cannot be resolved, then at least disclose the incompatibility so folks considering a 20s and still have SMH10's or SR10 that they are planning to use can make an informed decision on whether to upgrade or not.

That being said, I really like the superior noise cancelling microphone of the 20s.  The sidetone feature is better on the 20s - not too loud or too soft.  The mount is perfect with audio options built in rather than having to get an accessory mount, and the securing of the unit to the mount is much better.  Firmware upgrade procedure is much better - not having to turn unit on or press buttons during upgrade.  Ideally, I would like to see this upgrade process be more web based and not having to install a device manager on the computer.  I would think that would solve many computer related issues people have.  Having  ambient audio is a nice feature too.  Fix the above problems and it would be almost perfect, at least for me.  And as usual it's all about me!  :)










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