Not rain proof! ????



  • RBEmerson

    Quite simply "Don't worry. Be happy". Honest. :-)

  • Jonwboyd
    Not being rain proof is problem number one and their lack of support is problem number two. I moved to another brand and will never use them again.
  • Fred Marecesche
    Fred Marecesche

    I am also, it seems, having water-related issues. Set off on the train this morning with Spotify going through BMW navigator. Eventually music started stuttering and Sena unit started asking me to "say a command" which I usually trigger by tapping the unit twice. It then kept beeping and repeating the voice prompt over and over.

    Seeing as the voice prompt can also be triggered by pressing the bottom button I wonder if that got wet.

    Kept the unit turned off for the ferry crossing (about 6 hours), and about 30 minutes of riding in very small rain. Connected to it as a simple headset to the phone and volume has gone extremely quiet, hardly audible but may about there. Turning the volume up I get to the 3 beeps telling me it won't go higher but it's still inaudible. Right speaker also had a small crackle.

    I'll see how it goes after drying naturally overnight but I'm not impressed so far.


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