Voice command "FM radio" doesn't stop radio



  • Daniel

    Hi Vitor, the voice command will only work once SENA asks which command you would like to perform:

    TAP mode

    You tap twice (not to quick but with a second pause!). Sena will reply with: "Say a command". You say "FM radio". Radio starts or stops if On.


    Ambient mode button

    You push button once. Sena will reply with: "Say a command". You say "FM radio". Radio starts or stops if On.


    in stand by mode only:

    You say"Hello Sena". Sena will reply with: "Hello, say a command". You say "FM radio". Radio starts.


    Hope it will help

  • Vitor Barros
    Vitor Barros

    Ah great, appreciate being called stupid :)

    I'm sorry I wasn't thorough enough when I gave the steps to reproduce the issue.

    Please re-read what I said, and now please assume the "- Tap twice"  actually worked and it asked for the voice command.

    Assume also the voice command was correctly recognized since Sena said (thru the speakers) "FM ON" and "FM OFF".

    Now the issue (just to make it super-clear) is the command is recognized, but the radio is not shut off, it keeps on.



    This unit was manufactured in February 2015 

    The version installed on the unit @ purchase was 1.3

    Was upgraded to 1.4

    Was paired with a phone at the time this issue occurred


    After resetting to factory default it was fixed :)

    If I manage to reproduce the issue again I'll make sure to give a proper step-by-step tutorial


    Jokes aside, thanks for the help anyway.

    Still a happy customer.


    Best regards,


  • Daniel

    Hi Vitor, sorry about that. The stupid one is me, since I didn't understand what your real problem was ;-) Glad your problem is solved!


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