Someone playing the drums or popping popcorn?

Four of us riding in Arizona, all with 20S units.  We were all within 50 yards of each other, riding in two pairs, about 2 seconds apart; so distance shouldn't have been an issue.  

The clicking, popping, and static noises were quite annoying.  There were times where our intercoms were totally silent.  But other times, we endured popping noises for hours!   Sometimes, it sounded like popcorn popping.  Sometimes it sounded like it had a rhythm like someone playing drums.  Sometimes it would be totally random snapping, popping, ticking, static Quite intense; never quieting down.  And often, it would just be a tick, tick, tick for long periods of time, about 3 ticks a second.   And finally, occasionally we could make out all of the sounds together as they came and went. 

We were all in group connect, all with antennas up.  When the noises were there, we all heard them simultaneously.  When it was quite, we all experienced the quiet.  

Local interference?  I doubt it.  We were miles and miles away from anything that could be interfering.  Oddly, we hardly heard any noises all day yesterday on our last leg home.  

I hope that Sena engineers find the source for the clicking, popping, tapping, drum concert, and static noises soon.  


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