Can I pair my sr10 with my 20s so that it mixes with phone audio (music)



  • Sena

    The Audio Multitasking feature on the 20S is for communicating over the intercom while simultaneously listening to Bluetooth stereo music, the FM radio, or GPS directions. The 20S works on an interrupt system where a high priority function like a phone call will interrupt a low priority function like Bluetooth stereo music. The type of Bluetooth audio signal that the SR10 uses when paired to a headset makes it so that it will have the highest priority and the devices connected to it such as a two-way radio will interrupt lower priority functions like Bluetooth stereo music.


    In addition, the volume levels of each of the audio sources can be adjusted and maintained independently while they are in use on the headset.

  • Brian Yu
    Brian Yu

    Hi Sena,

      You said you will study the Audio Mixing feature on SMH10 since 2012.

       However, you said there is hardware limitation, so you will add this feature to next product.

       Then, where?? 

       I don't see you have any progress on this. 

       I already have SMH10, and I really want to Audio Mixing , I hate my MP3 got cut off when SR10 signals anything.

       When 20s is released, there's no doubt , lots of lots of users misunderstood Audio Multitasking and Audio Mixing.

       And , most of them upgrade from SMH10 to 20s including me . just because we want Audio Mixing.  

       3 years passed.   There is audio mixing nothing.............................   Does it like some kind of cheat?


        Sorry for my impoliteness.  I just got very angry~~~


         PS  , here's the link for audio mixing discussion





  • Wsavelle

    Harley Street Glide. 2016

    Note: I was not able to use my Sena SMH 10 with my new Harley. But I have found a cool work around. I like to stream music from my phone. answer. Put a Ipod touch on your Harley system. Hot spot via wifi from your iphone. Leave Iphone on SMH for phone calls. Works perfect. No switching or special setup.


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