Harley cable and clamp cover adapter

I bought the 20S clamp kit for Harley with CB.

Love this thing and it does pretty much exactly what I want.  There are a few issues or requests I have, though.

After forgetting to turn on my 20S, I've found the wired portion does not work unless the 20S is turned on.  This will be problematic upon occasion. Don't think about charging the 20S and get low battery, Goodbye, at the beginning of a long ride where you were going to all stay in touch via CB.  Then you realize you left the clamp cover adapter sitting at home because you had the 20S attached.  Oops.  Because the cable doesn't work when the 20S is off you have no comms even though you have the cable attached.    


Same idea with the Harley cord.  This one will become more an issue after the freewire gets out.  Got the 20S set up for my phone and the bike.  No problem.  Now the 20S dies (or the freewire dies).  The cord is sitting at home.  Oops.


I don't know about anyone else but ideally I would like to have a clamp cover adapter in each of my riding jackets and vests.  Then I can't forget one just like I've got a copy of the registration in each.


I would like to be able to pick up another cord for the Harley without having to buy another clamp kit.  Then I can throw the extra cord into the saddle bag I keep "oops stuff" for the bike.




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