Freewire with Honda Valkyrie CB?



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    Alex - Sena Support
    Alex - Sena Support


    It's hard to say for certain if this will work. Not because the 20S can't connect to the Freewire, but due to motorcycling itself. You'd have to ensure the DIN socket is properly wired to avoid any grounding issues (this is the most common issue with the Freewire not working).

    But as far as that goes, the 20S will Bluetooth pair to the Freewire, like all of our Sena devices with Bluetooth.

  • Tom Danny
    Tom Danny

    Using Freewire with the Honda Valkyrie CB enhances rider connectivity and communication. This device facilitates seamless integration with the bike's audio system, allowing for hands-free communication and music streaming. Riders can enjoy clear communication with passengers or fellow bikers through compatible headsets. The Freewire system enables easy pairing with Bluetooth devices, enhancing the overall riding experience. Whether making calls, navigating, or enjoying music, the Freewire with Honda Valkyrie CB ensures convenience and safety on the road. Explore the device's compatibility and installation guidelines to fully optimize its features, enhancing communication and connectivity during your rides.

  • Steve Glowacki
    Steve Glowacki


    I recently acquired a used Freewire and it works as described very well, including the CB.

    One note. When the 20s is connected to the Freewire, the microphone in my 20s is always HOT regardless of the CB PTT State. It's a bit annoying to constantly hear the feedback audio in my ear. Also, when using PTT, this audio feedback is delayed slightly which actually adds some difficulty trying to speak... confuses the brain. Lol

    Would be nice to have the audio feedback only occur when using PTT ... and have it be synced better. Maybe the feedback latency is a result of the Bluetooth technology.

  • oilu miun
    oilu miun

    Yes, the Sena Freewire can help you achieve that. The Sena Freewire is designed to connect your Sena Bluetooth headset to compatible motorcycle communication systems, such as the Honda Valkyrie Interstate's audio system and CB radio.




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