Year 2024 and still no way to connect Insta360



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    Alex - Sena Support
    Alex - Sena Support

    The restriction lies within Insta360 firmware whether you wish to accept that or not,  phone pairing is the hands-free profile for audio routing between the phone and headset. No special implementation for GoPro is needed, as it already functions according to GoPro's firmware. Without resolving the firmware issues in Insta360, no changes we make will enable communication. Consider opting for the newer Insta360 Ace / Ace Pro, although its full functionality remains unclear this is the only Insta360 device that works with the Sena 50S/ST1/10S per Insta360 firmware. 

    Notably, even major competitors face challenges in fully integrating with Insta360 devices.

  • Damian Doherty
    Damian Doherty

    I whole heartedly second this - I have purchased a splitter cable and can record group rides with my mates over Mesh in very good quality - however if I'm riding by myself there is no way to record solo! 

    I can activate Mesh but as there is no-one else on the network the Sena does not output my audio - even with Sidetone turned on

    This is the firmware update I'm looking for:

    Allow me to turn on Mesh even when I'm buy myself and have the Sena 30K output my audio as it does on a group ride so I can record it on my GoPro

  • Bugrahan Duran
    Bugrahan Duran

    I will just leave this here:

    And Alex-Sena-Support it is cheaper to buy Cardo instead of a new camera at this moment. Thanks for the suggestion.

    PS: I've tried the same thing (and many more with Sena 50s) described in the video. Insta360 x3 was able to detect the intercom but an error was thrown by the camera: "Failed to connect"


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