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  • Jack Fleet
    Jack Fleet

    Is it possible to bluetooth an earbud to the SRL. So you can use earbuds for the sounds instead of the speakers that come with the SRL?

  • Roberttlangston

    I am upgrading my helmet and am favoring the Shoei Neotec II but have some real reservations concerning the Sena SRL integration. Helmet based speakers are simply inadequate no matter what you do and custom ear buds work the best. Sena’s failure to include this feature despite more than sufficient  space to do so in the integrated configuration is making me rethink both the Shoei and Sena technology options. 

    Hey, Sena - any plans to provide earbud connectivity for those of us who prefer them?

  • Sam Cordery
    Sam Cordery

    I'm using the SRL-01 with a Neotec 2, and although I'm struggling with basic functionality - I can confirm that on my VFR1200x at 80mph I can hear the FM radio very very clearly.  The helmet design and tiny neck space result in excellent audio clarity.  I had my reservations as the SRL speakers seem a long way from my ears in their recesses - but compared to what I've used before I've no issues here

  • BradG

    Have a Neotech, just got a new Multistrada and want a Neotech2 to match! I use an SMH10 now with the jack for my custom IEMs (sensaphonics), amazing sound and incredible noise reduction.

    My REQUEST: make an SRL version that had a headphone jack, or better yet just add the jack to the current one. There are times (short trips) i dont want to pull out my custom IEMs and the built in headphones would be cool. As soon as you get me a Neotech 2 w/srl and a jack to plug my $700 IEMs i'll buy it!

    So gimmie a jack!!!

  • Lowndes Whatley
    Lowndes Whatley

    I had this same issue with the SRL in my Neotec II helmet.  The wind noise was too much with the speakers.  I'm used to riding with very good earplugs and really appreciate the quiet.  So, I came up with a simple work-around for my plug-in earbuds that is working very well, if anyone is interested.  No wire cutting or any of that stuff.  

    I had contacted SENA to find out if they have or will have a solution and got nothing but "maybe" on a future unit that might have a jack.   I asked the lady in customer service if Bluetooth earbuds would connect and the answer was negative.  I asked if I could get the SENA audio via Bluetooth with my cell phone then wire earbuds.  Negative.

    I also tried the little foam spacers SENA provides to the distributors (Cycle Gear is where I got my stuff) for this issue.  Actually, there are two thicknesses they provide but even stacked up behind the SRL speakers did not work.  There was no seal between the speaker and my ear so it couldn't work.

    SENA is very aware of this issue but does not have a solution.  


  • BradG

    When i got my new Multistrada this summer i also got some amazing IEMS from Sensaphonics ( ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT. Easily getting 36 db attenuation, fit is perfect, love them. Downside: I got my new Neotech2 and SRL system because hey, integrated is just cool. No jack for my Sensaphonics though.

    so, one of the animals on ADVRider has solved it (or at least a first crack):

    i have not done this yet because I'd like my cake and eat it too! Ideally we should have a jack that when we do NOT have earbuds plugged in the helmet speakers operate, and when we DO have earbuds plugged in the helmet speakers are off.

    There is an assumption that i'll have to test: that the left and right signal are running a common, floating (BTL) ground. This is common in low output systems. 

    I also took apart the battery compartment of my SRL system just to see what's what .. the ideal answer would have the switching jack installed right there, catching the L and R wires straight off of the PCB. It looks like there is room to install a jack in the SRL  battery area, but I've got to order a few and fiddle around first. 

    I'll keep you posted.

  • Keith



    Just FYI, it will work perfectly well if you connect the 3.5mm to the speakers in parallel so that both work at the same time. In practice, when using in-ear speakers, the volume is set so low in use that the main speakers are barely driven. This has the added benefit of dramatically increasing battery life. If you then decide not to use in-ears for a short urban trip, just turn the volume back up and you have the speakers functioning too. I have this setup using a 3.5mm "Y" cable on my Cardo, there is no real need to have a switched socket.

  • Alexander Vandewijer
    Alexander Vandewijer


    It's been 4 years, but thank you for resolving my "Isn't it a problem that the speakers will also be driven when doing this mod in parallel?" question for me! Going to do this mod next weekend, thx mate! :) 


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