Don't buy the 30K if you have friends with 20s or 10s

I bought the 30K and found out it's no better than the 10s. To be fair if you have friends who have only 30K or on its own you will love it.
But if you have friends who own a 20s or 10s don't let them pair with a 30k bluetooth. You will lose the phone connections so no phone calls no music it will even stop the radio from working as the 30K doesn't have multitasking bluetooth only 20s does. Sena says the 30K is outstanding ....nearly.
Maybe Sena should explain this on their youtube videos.
This is the reply I received from Sena Support why my radio and phone stop working when paired with a 20s - I'm sorry to say the 30K audio multitasking function only works during mesh intercom. If it's using the conventional bluetooth interface, it's feature is equivalent to a Sena 10S which doesn't have multitasking.
I have since been told - The ability to still connect with Non-30K users is an additional option of the unit; but not the main function.
I don't understand connecting to non 30K users is an additional option of the unit. When connecting to non 30k users by bluetooth stops all other bluetooth features working.
So if we lived in world where everyone who owns a 10s or 20s automatically upgrades when a new sena unit became available on the market there would be no problems but we don't.
By the way thanks for underlining your blurb about audio multitasking while in mesk intercom but what you should be telling people it doesn't have bluetooth multitasking when connected to 20s or 10s and you won't be able to take phone calls or listen to the radio. Just sit in silence until your 20s or 10s friend speaks. Amazing!
It would be a bloody good unit if if the 30k had the 20k bluetooth multitasking.


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