i paired my sena20s evo with my phone samsung s8 plus.

recently i had these issue of listening to my music.
2 secs of music then silent gap then the music will carry on 2 secs after. it keep repeating.
it feels like u have bad signal or sumthing blocking the signal or your phone is away from your sena.

ive tried
- hard reset sena
- update sena firmware
- delete old pairing & repaired with my phone.
- even tried paired with my ipad and with other 2 phones and even paired with my smart tv.

it seems to be very strange .
1) at some moment music playback will be normal.
2) then off sena.
3) when on sena.
4) auto paired with phone.
5) problem occurred again!!!

what ive learned from sena past few years.

total sena ive used before.
- sena 3s (1 year them upgrade to 20s)
- sena 20s (1.5years)
- sena 20sevo (4 months)

both my sena 20s and 20sEvo was sent to korea, to get replaced (warranty)

- old sena was made it korea and it lasted me 1.5 years (till got issue)
- the new sena China made, only lasted me 4 month (till got issue)

very sad with their built quality.
ive lost major trust over sena.

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