SENA 30K Voice Dialer access from Voice Commands

1.  Love my Sena 30K.

2.  I did not see any postings that refer to the Voice Dialer being accessed from a voice command.

I use Siri on my iPhone 6S often. I use a single push of the phone button to activate that. Siri will then let me send a text message, call someone, route in GPS, etc.

My hands can't always be free.  If I could use a Sena Voice command to GET to Siri ("Voice Dialing" as its referred to on multiple platforms), that would be helpful.

Maybe this could be an update item? I do not know of a way to get to it from Voice Commands now. UPDATE:  Tried it and there is not.


"Hello Sena".
-> SENA: "Say a command..."
"Voice Dialing"
--> SENA: "Voice dialing..."
Siri double-beep, and Siri is awaiting a command.

That would be awesome... Let me know if it would be possible to get this added to a future revision.


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