Open Mic situation while in mesh on the Cena 30k



  • Steven Korres
    Steven Korres

    I ride in a group of 8 in mesh and can hear the open mics, engine noises, some coughing and wind noise, but don't find it a problem and it is as if we were all standing in a group talking to each other. it's much the same as professional production talkback where every mic is open.


  • Darkvtwin

    There should be an easier way to turn the Mic on and off. With the open Mic problem, music cuts in and out. Turning off the Mic in mesh by using the button by the antenna can cause you to accidentally turn mesh off. It's just a hassle but will have to live with it unless they make it one of the commands which they should be able to do.


  • Susan Coles
    Susan Coles

    Turning off the mike in mesh or normal mode would be great. Also if earlier models have plug in mikes, make a switchable mike work for the earlier headsets as well. This is one big reason many riders I ride with don’t want to pair because of the extra noise and chatter. 

  • Wayne Pauly
    Wayne Pauly

    Switch HD Intercom "Off"; VOX Sensitivity to "Level 1"; Smart Volume Control to "Medium"; Audio Overlay Volume Management to "On"; Intercom-audio Overlay Sensitivity to "Level 3".

    HD Intercom takes bandwidth and isn't necessary for voice, only music sharing.

    VOX - lower number takes louder noise to cut over; I also added a thicker Wind Guard over the mic

    Smart Volume Control - adjusts volume to noise level in helmet

    Audio Overlay Volume Management "On" - doesn't interupt audio source from Freewire connection to H-D Boom Audio

    Intercom-audio Overlay Sensitivity - I'm unsure if this has a real effect with Overlay Management turned "On" 

    The Mic can be turned on/off by holding down the Mesh Intercom button about 2 seconds: the audio confirmation will be "Mesh Intercom On" or "Mesh Intercom Off".  Too short and you'll turn the Mesh Intercom "Off" :-(


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