30K, iPhone 8 with SM10 no audio.

Hey Guys

Currently I have a TPX radar with their speaker setup in my helmet but decided to upgrade so I bought a 30k and a SM10, so far its not going well as though I know others with a sena's and sm10 set up it seems my combo of the 30k, SM10 connected to my radar and an iPhone 8+ doesn't work as expected. 

I can pair the 30k to my iPhone and everything works perfectly, I can then pair the SM10 as a second phone and I get the radar alerts and the headset connects to the phone but I lose music, so far from what I can tell they are both trying to use A2DP so no music or no alerts but I obviously wrongly thought the SM10 would alway it to connect over HFP etc. Not ideal so far, I've also tried setting it up as a GPS and still no luck. I've rest the units a number of times and tried pairing in different order and to different modes but zero luck. 

Seems like some of the other guys have their SM10 paired to their phone and prioritise the devices that way but the SM10 wan't pair to the iPhone 8 so that doesn't help me much.

Have I bought the wrong unit? Do I need a the SR10 to get it to connect the radar over HFP, I thought the SM10 did this but maybe SENA marketing is either just vague/rubbish, but I want music otherwise upgrading was a total waste of time and I might as well dump the whole lot, I really don't want to buy an SR10 just to test if it will work so hoping someone else can confirm one way or the other.



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