SRL-01 in a Shoei Netoec 2: highly frustrating

I've had my SENA SRL installed in a Shoei Neotec 2 for over a week now.  Lovely clean fit, beautifully integrated - you do not know the system is there.  Only slight criticism is that the three control buttons are taking some getting used to finding / locating in heavy gloves

That's all I've got to say that's positive I'm afraid.  The rest of the experience is dire

Device Manager - connected once, updated firmware - won't recognise the SRL anymore (leaving powered off when connecting as instructed)

Microphone - simply doesn't work when in a phone call, or when intercom is active - yet it will just about recognise a 'Hey Sena' voice command.  Tried all options available to me via the iOS mobile app and can't work it out.  Tested numerous times, can voice dial somebody - they can't hear me.  Can accept an inbound call with my voice, but they can't hear me

Feeling extremely dissapointed.  I've spent £269 / $365 on a headset that I can only use as an FM radio at the moment

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.  To sum up, my microphone hears voice commands and responds but I cannot be heard in any phone call or intercom session.  Oh, and the firmware update to v1.0.3 has made the SRL unrecognisable in Device Manager

I'm off touring Europe in a few days and would dearly love, and NEED to get this sorted.  It's too large an investment for me to not be delivering it's basic functionality

Thank you in advance....................Sam


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