GoPro Hero5 Black/Session Bluetooth or wifi Connection to Sena 20s or newer

Please please make this available. No backpacks that go on the gopro or anything like that. Bluetooth connection should be fluid and simple enough to do with a firmware update on the Sena 20s and above. Not being able to utilize an already expensive and popular action camera with a well known bluetooth headset for motorcycles is disappointing.

Reason why there should be no bluetooth backpack: it makes the helmet heavier than it already is with the go pro on and the Hero5 black/session easily connects via bluetooth or wifi.


Reason this should be done: GoPro is a well known action camera and most people go for their latest and greatest, so why shouldn't Sena be able to connect to a bluetooth capable device? Makes no sense why it shouldn't. Also it will put Sena in the lead with the leading action camera in the market.


I am more than happy with the 20s but the drawback of it not being easy accessable to connect to the GoPro 5 Black via bluetooth and without a backpack is a drawback.


Please fix this, I am sure more moto riders have had to downgrade to the Hero4 (or use their older gopro) in order to be able to record their experiences along with a dialog. 


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