Windows 10 Won't Install UNSIGNED Sena Device Manager Drivers

After a couple of hours of frustration in which Sena Device Manager wouldn't recognize my SMH5s, I checked my USB connection through Sena's USB Checker (which I only found out about on YouTube -- it's in the program files, thanks for not bothering to tell anybody, Sena).  Then, using the same YouTube advice, I tracked down the Sena Device Manager under Windows Device Manager and found the little "Exclamation Mark," meaning that Windows 10 won't accept Sena's drivers because they are UNSIGNED.  There's even a Sena driver installer (also hidden among the program files) that conveniently installs the same UNSIGNED drivers that Windows refuses to use.  Go ahead and have Windows check for the latest drivers.  Windows will happily tell you that you have the latest drivers -- it just won't use them because they're UNSIGNED.  This situation is completely inexcusable and it's 100% the fault of Sena.  You can install and reinstall Sena Device Manager all day long but it will never work because Windows won't recognize UNSIGNED drivers.  Supposedly there is a way around to trick your computer into installing UNSIGNED drivers but I'm not enough of a computer genius to do that, and what kind of a company uses UNSIGNED drivers, anyway?  PATHETIC!


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