SRL - Cannot Update Firmware, USB not recognized....

Neither of my Computer's recognize the SRL, USB error...

I just bought an SRL for my Neotec II.  Everything paired up fine and seems to be working.  I started up the the Sena App on my Iphone and it connected fine.

However it said I needed to update the firmware.  I downloaded the latest device manager from Sena and started it up.  When I plug the SRL into my newer Imac (Retina 5k, Late 2016) running MacOS High Sierra 10.13.5, it throws an error message about not being able to read/see the USB device.  I am following the directions which requires the SRL to be "off"

I tried restarting both the Imac and the power cycling the SRL to no avail.  

I then pulled out my Windows based laptop (maybe a year old) running the latest version of whatever Windows is running today (It's up to date) and it keeps throwing the same USB error that the device is not recognized. 

To make sure I wasn't doing anything wrong I grabbed my 20s and checked it against the Sena App. It told me I need to update the firmware on the 20s.  So I plugged it in and the 20s was recognized and it updated just fine.

So for whatever reason the SRL is NOT recognized and therefore I can't update the firmware.  Any help would be appreciated.


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