Voice dial, Call home or Dial Number Feature

Voice dial would be great. "Hello Sena, Call Home" or "Call John" as well as  "Hello Sena Dial number" .  The phone option works great and I have used it 10 times this far with in coming calls, but dang it would have been nice to have a voice activated call feature (and I don't mean through Siri) but rather like my 11 year old car has.  I could have used that feature 3 or four time last week. It would be great if your going somewhere to meet up with someone and be able to say, "Hello Sena call Rick" or "Dial number"  to let him know when I am leaving my home and then again when I'm 10 min out so he can get his gear on and meet me. Since Sena does recognize the contact list by announcing who's calling wouldn't it be also better to call that way as well?. 


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