Suggested Improvement to the SRL (designed for the Shoei Neotec2 Helmet)

I was contemplating buying the Shoei Neotec2 helmet because it integrated the Sena SRL communications package.  I've since learned that the SRL does not have a replaceable battery like the 10R or SMH10R.  If the SRL battery goes out outside the 2 year warranty, you have to buy a whole new SRL package ( about $300).  Between the two, this is an investment of about $1000.  Why have to pay an additional $300 when/if the battery has issues in its third year (personal experience with other Sena product has already shown that it does happen). 

My suggestion would be for Sena to see if it can develop the SRL to accommodate a replaceable battery like it has for the 10R and SMH10R.  I would assume Sena's partner Shoei would encourage this too, especially if customers like myself will no longer consider buying the Neotec 2 because of the SRL.  Some may say the easy fix is to just fit the 10R on the Neotec2.  Unfortunately, the way the helmet is made, the place to put the 10R is occupied by the SRL coverplate.  The idea of paying this kind of money is to have everything integrated.    

While Sena may make additional money from the sale of additional SRLs when the batteries go out, it is short sited because customers like myself may no longer decide to purchase the Neotec 2/SRL combo because it is too expensive not only in the short-term, but potentially long-term as well. 

Make the product more user and environmentally friendly by allowing your customers to simply replace the battery when it goes out instead of throwing the entire product into the trash and requiring an additional investment of $300. 

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