SENA SRL - AWFUL experience



  • Logan Wild
    Logan Wild

    Having sold a lot of the Neotec II helmets and the new SRL systems we have had one go bad with a bad mic system. SENA uses 3rd party customer service and can provide no details or ETA on when they can replace the system. 

  • shane erlank
    shane erlank

    have you tried using the sena app and changing the volume settings, mine works perfectly in fact i wear my earbuds (to block wind noise) and i can hear right through that perfectly.


  • Erik Steen
    Erik Steen

    Hello Shane. Do you have a print screen of your settings in the Sena app?

  • Michaelcampbell

    I have an SRL and I cannot  update  it using the latest software from them on my Mac. I do have a 10u which works fine and can be updated. I have had 6 emails now from resetting to changing the cable  even though as I have said the setup does work with the 10U but not the SRL. I have requested an older version of the device manager and guess what they went me today, the fucking WINDOWS version. Holy crap how do they justify this as technical support, this is by and far the worst service I have experienced. 


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