Pairing SRL + TomTom Rider 550



  • Marcin Waściński
    Marcin Waściński
    I am asking for a prescription to connect the SRL kit with the TomTom Rider 550 and a smartphone with the Android Samsung Galaxy S7.
    Like a trivial matter but with multi-channel connection as recommended by TomTom 1. Pair the phone with SRL, 2. Pair TomTom with the phone through the application, 3. Pair TomTom with SRL is not working properly.
    Question: Phone pair as a phone?!?, Navigate pair as Phone 2 or navigate? and whether to enable the mode in A2 navigation .........?
    I am asking for advice !!!!!
  • Miguel Ángel Sánchez García
    Miguel Ángel Sánchez García

    Hello, I have the same problem. I can't pairing my rider 550 with sena srl. I did it with option pairing phone or pairing gps and it's impossible to pair gps with sena srl. I'm very angry about this because I have spent a lot of money with both. If someone can hep me please, I don't know what to do. Thank's.

  • Marcin Waściński
    Marcin Waściński

    I found a solution !!!!!
    After many attempts I did this:
    I have cleared the pairing settings on all devices. In 1 step I disassembled TomTom 550 navigation as SENA navigation (in the navigation settings I did not activate the A2D function ..... it spoils the navigation functionality). In step 2 I connected the phone with SENA on 1 channel as a phone, in 3 I connected the navigation with the phone but not by QR code but by detection in bluetooth settings. It works somehow !!!!!
    ATTENTION !!!!!
    After uploading the latest 1.0.6 software, friends say that the sound from the microphone has significantly deteriorated.


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