SRL-01 Dead After Firmware Update



  • Marcin Waściński
    Marcin Waściński

    From what I remember, Sena for a short time threw in the version of the firmware too early and this can be a problem. The same was with the latest version of the manager and version 1.0.6 which was available for download from the application and the site was published after 2-3 weeks only. I already have the device after the exchange and I always wait for tested software versions. Change the computer for updating and do not use usb 3.0. Somewhere I read that there are also problems here. Greetings. Marcin

  • Andrew Alexander
    Andrew Alexander

    Thank you for responding Marcin.


    Sena got back to me and had me try a power up with the usb attached but that did not work.  They feel that the battery has gone bad which is strange since it was working right before I did the upgrade from 1.0.3 to 1.0.6.

    I will keep you updated as this saga continues.



  • Marcin Waściński
    Marcin Waściński
    Thank you very much for the information. I am curious how the matter will be explained.
    I had problems with full multi-channel communication. Probably the fault lay on the side of the smartphone. Exactly incorrectly loaded software. After the reinstallation of the operating system, many discomforts resolved. Today I will test my preferred settings.
  • Jean-Luc Vernhet
    Jean-Luc Vernhet

    Hello, I had exactly the same problem while updating the firmware. I exchanged with Sena, quite reactive by email. They proposed me many different things to do, on the device, from PC and Mac, None of them succeeded waking up the device which remains stuck with the same message 'preparing headset...'. On top of that I lost the invoice and went into a dead-end... Due to leave on a several weeks trip, I had no alternative than buying a new device which works perfectly well.

    I am keeping the old, dead one trying to 'wake it up' at every new firmware delivery but I don't have much hope...!

    My best bet is that the firmware which caused this problem was faulty, probably unable to write-over the previous one. Not thoroughly tested I guess!

  • JFP

    On updating to 1.0.6, I inadvertently set Audio Boost to Enable. (Can an SRL-1.0 actually support Audio Boost? I don't think so, from reading the SRL manual.)
    I tried reversing by setting Audio Boost to Disable and introduced an error of the kind Jean Luc has been describing: a booting sequence that gets as far as 'Preparing Headset' but never gets to 'Hello'.
    Assuming a boot sequence met a bug in the program software and crashed out, I put Audio Boost back to 'Enable', as this was the only change I had messed with in my configuration.
    The boot sequence passed through to the 'Hello' stage, successfully.

    I don't think I should have been able to configure Audio Boost for an SRL. The manual for SRL does not mention the facility. I was tricked by the configuration being present in the settings menu, when it probably should not be visible. Just a small issue in SENA not customising the configuration to match the detected device. By setting a value of Disable, I corrupted the booting software for the SRL-1.0 device. I was very fortunate to be able to cure the problem by Enabling Audio Boost for the SRL.
    I've notified SENA of the bug. Maybe we will see it being attended to in future software developments.
    If you have made a change in the configuration that then coincided with a boot error, perhaps reversing that change may cure the fault?

    I am extremely pleased with SRL-1.0 and it's harmony with the Shoei Neotec 2. Two absolutely top rate products that make the bike ride even more blissful than before!

  • Fred Trigg
    Fred Trigg

    I know this is an old thread but thought I'd add my experience in case it helps anyone.

    I got my SRL2 a few days ago and updated the firmware and changed some settings via my Mac and all was ok. Today, I wanted to change some settings so did it via my Win10 computer rather than the Mac. After that, turning the SRL on gave me the "preparing headset...." and nothing else error. Sena support had given up and said it was a dead unit so I had taken it out of my helmet and packaged it up redy to return it. It then occured to me that it may be a Windows 10 issue so connected it back up to the Mac, re-flashed the same firmware again and lo and behold, it is now all working again.

    There is an issue around un-signed device drivers with Windows but it wasn't that as I have them permitted anyway. I just think Windows 10 doesn't handle some USB devices like this very well. I've had similar issues with other odd USB devices, GoPro for one.

    Anyway, in the off chance that this experience might help someone else, try using a Mac if you can get your hands on one.



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