10C Firmware Update 3.0 - voice prompt/sound fade-in. Horrible. Can it be turned off?

Been using a 10C for a little less than a year, now.  Has been working fine.  Firmware was 2.7.  Noticed last week that a new firmware was available (3.0) so installed it.  Used the headset over the weekend, and whatever the newly implemented sound fade-in it's now using is absolute trash!  All sound that comes through the device, say, during navigation - fades in from silent to whatever the volume is set to.  So for navigation, I don't hear the first 5 or 6 words and the sound is ramped up from 0.  For most navigation, this is tolerable - I can get the gist of what's being said.  But when it's just a few words, like "Turn right.", the volume hasn't yet gotten up to where it can be heard.  Even better - voice prompts!  My biggest disappointment was wanting to use the camera on a ride over the weekend.  Well, since "Camera on", "Recording started", and "Recording stopped" are all less than the aforementioned "5 or 6 words", I cannot tell if I've turned the camera on or not, nevermind whether it's started or stopped recording.  Am I missing where I can turn this craptastic "fade-in" off?  Or do I just have to go back to firmware 2.7?

Thanks.  I hope.


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