10C Firmware Update 3.0 - voice prompt/sound fade-in. Horrible. Can it be turned off?



  • George M
    George M

    Sorry, I meant to write 2.3 instead of 2.7 above.  Anywho, I've reverted back to 2.3.  I will reflash 3.0 when someone tells me how to fix the voice fade-in "feature" or fixes it.  The fade-in was completely unacceptable.

  • George M
    George M

    I received a 10C Pro as warranty replacement for my 10C.  Out of the box, v2.0 had the same sound fade-in as the 10C v3.0, though it didn't have fade-in on the voice prompts - a tolerable step in the right direction.  Installed v2.1 yesterday, and no more sound fade-in on the 10C Pro at all!

  • P LF
    P LF

    yeah, I'm on 3.0.1 and the fade feature is annoying when I'm listening for directions but not playing music. The only workaround I've found is to always be playing some music during directions so it wont fade in and cut off the directions. You could also put on a looping track of silence I guess.

  • William Seneshen
    William Seneshen

    This is such a horrible design decision!

    Whether you're using a GPS (Google Maps or Waze ) or  are in an actual conversation with a human, 99% of the time the critical information is in the first 5 seconds, and this is the period of the fade-in. This is how you break a product.
    Customer Support... tell your engineers that this is idiotic.

  • Søren Andersen
    Søren Andersen

    Same thing is true for Sena 10R. Poor design decision. Hopefully this will be fixed in next firmware update across the impacted Sena product line.

    At least make this fade-in effect optional in settings.

  • Dominique Van Dyck
    Dominique Van Dyck

    I have the same problem with my sena sf2... 

    I've been looking for an option to turn it off but have not found one. 

    Is this fixed yet? It makes listening to gps directions completely pointless.

    I have a modified motorcycle and cannot mount a gps so i bought the sena only fot that purpose!



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