30k no mesh connection??

I have a new 30K dual pack and cannot connect the two units with mesh. If both units are in public mode with flashing green LED they don't "see" each other and so don't connect. If I try to create a private mode mesh the prompt will say "mesh created private mode" but there is no invitation on the other unit to connect and so it doesn't. If I double click the 2nd unit to join a mesh it will eventually say that mesh not found. It's the same whichever unit I use to create the mesh.
I can connect them via Bluetooth so if there is a BT connection I can still talk with the other unit when both units are in mesh mode with green flashing LEDS. If the BT connection is not there then can't communicate.

Firmware in V2. I have also done a factory reset.

I don't think I'm doing anything wrong and I don't have a 3rd 30k to test if one of my units is not working. Very frustrating.


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