Does SRL (for Shoei Neotec II) function the same as the 20S EVO on a 2018 Honda Gold Wing?

My wife and I have a 2018 Gold Wing and about to purchase Shoei Neotec II helmets.  We would like to use the SRL, which is designed to nicely integrate into the Neotec II helmet, but Honda is recommending the 20S EVO for full compatibility with the bike.  Sena's website says the SRL "functions like our top selling 20S with a simple 3-button control."  Has anyone out there used the Sena SRL / Shoei Neotec II combination on the 2018 (or 2019) Honda Gold Wing, and if so, how does your SRL work with the Intercom (for rider & passenger communication only), CB radio, NAV and Android phone?  Music (mostly XM Radio) would also be nice, but not as important to us.  Lastly, there are two SRL models listed on Sena's Technologies Help Desk, the "SRL" and the "SRL2," does anyone know how they differ?

Thanks very much for your input!   


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