3 way intercom conference intercom fail when trying to add 3rd

We have SMH10, SMH5 and Linkin Ride Pal 3 by Sena  We have been testing and found we can connect any pair of them but adding the 3rd is nearly impossible. We have only connected them all twice.  Most frustratingly, both on seemingly accident. Have done factory reset on all 3, but still can only connect 2.  Does it matter which pair we start with? When we try to add the 3rd, it always give the Intercom failed, try again later error.  Have watched youTube,  They pair A and B, then Pair A and C, then start intercom with A and B, then C joins in, We have tried but B is booted and only A and C.  It seems like the only times we have successfully had all three connected is when each one is paired with the other two.  Another note, we have only found one that was able to connect to the Firmware updater the SMH10 is 5. the LS2 bluetooth device manager will not update or report current version.  Appreciate any feedback!    


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