Pairing Sena 10C Pro with Cardo Packtalk not possible



  • Ken Kimari
    Ken Kimari

    Hi Richard - I have experience pairing universal intercom with Cardo units.  The trick is to put the Sena into universal intercom pairing then with the Cardo put it into phone pairing not intercom pairing. You can use either phone pairing A or B on the Cardo.  It takes a few moments for both units to successfully pair so don't be in a rush to have it pair up immediately.

  • Kym Moulds
    Kym Moulds

    Good morning Richard

    I have a Cardo Edge and my friend has a sena 10C Pro.  We were able to pair both units but, when doing so my friend used the mobile phone channel of his 10C Pro.  The pairing was successful but my friend with the 10C Pro was not able to use his mobile whilst we were connected which he didn't want to do.  I have not tried Ken's method but I will do this the next time we are riding together.

    Cheers Kym



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