bluetooth 5 discovery causing music/instruction to stop and pile up?

On my 20s, I've noticed many BT issues increasing in frequency with the adoption of smartphone who can do bluetooth 5 (april 2017 and on). I believe the current hypothesis that the senas are only BT 4.1 and they crash upon the service discovery packet (which is 255 bytes instead of 37 bytes).

This occurs when crossing paths with other people only.

It started with other cars on the interstate, probably because they put music (BT is therefore on) for long highway stretches.

Nowadays, the phones have BT radios on pretty much all the time for various reasons, which makes the interference very frequent.

The main issue is that music stops being heard, yet the gps mp3 player keeps on advancing the song. This can occur 50-100 times a day if you cross a lot of people!!! It's alienating.

The second issue is similar but more severe: the gps instructions don't play and they actually pile up!!; if I power off/on the sena, it starts playing all the unplayed instructions rapidly non stop, and I have to power off/on the gps to recover from that insanity..

Do you have such issues? Did they get more and more frequent? There isn't 1 day that I don't have these interruptions.

My 20s is showing this bad behavior on many tested firmware (1.6.6, 1.7.7, 2.0).

Sena support has done nothing in 9 months of reporting and describing a lot of details. If you have that issue, please manifest yourself and particularly submit a request to support to put pressure. Thanks.


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