SRL2 battery and charging design failure



  • Jan Jansen
    Jan Jansen

    I also want to be able to turn on the SRL headset while it is charging. Just like this is already possible with the older S20.

    And please vote for the original submitter of the feature request. The more votes, the more likely it will be picked up. Maybe wishful thinking :-)

  • Ryan Williams
    Ryan Williams

    Absolutely agree!!! Sena, pls allow use of this device while charging. I won't stop sending messages about this because I've paid so much for this setup and the battery life is byond trash, allow this in firmware

  • Paul Daly
    Paul Daly

    Particularly given the pathetic battery life of the SRL2, it is nothing short of idiotic for Sena to have prevented charging while the unit is operating.


  • David Booth
    David Booth

    Sena, with such a short battery life of the SRL2 (disappointingly and ridiculously shorter than my previous SMH10), please issue a firmware upgrade that allows in-use charging of the SRL2.  Or at least a second (interchangeable) battery that can be charged offline.


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