Simple tip to reduce wind noise when using Sena helmet speakers.

FYI...a tip on upgrading an inexpensive helmet (or most any helmet) to reduce wind noise/improve sound isolation.

Self-sticking craft felt.

I didn’t expect this to work so well on my HJC modular with the Sena, but in messing with the removable cheek pads, I saw there was practically nothing between the ear and the inner shell of the helmet. I had some of this lying around, so I cut a couple of pieces and attached it on the outside (shell side) of each pad...leaving only enough space to route the chin strap through. This left a spot of exposed adhesive on the inside of the ear cup. You could use most anything (or just another piece of felt) to cover it. Makes a HUGE difference in how many dB of noise gets through. I used what I had (thin), so I’d recommend buying as thick a felt as you can find for even better results.

I’ve been very happy with the HJC series for years. This is much cheaper than spending several hundred USD more for a “better” helmet where noise reduction is concerned.  Add in good earplugs like the Eargasm or the EarPeace, and it’s even better.


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