Sena 10C Evo Records two same video and bad voice quality.



  • Bark Rokli
    Bark Rokli

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  • Jeny Jehn
    Jeny Jehn

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  • Paul

    Interesting wonder if the second video is for previewing via mobile platform.Everything would be compressed then . I am not an EVO owner but just purchased the 10C Pro and getting ready to install this weekend...

  • Ozhan Unverdi
    Ozhan Unverdi

    Just got a reply today from costumer service. You are right Paul. Second video is for previewing via mobile platform

    I have re-positioned the headset and now it is better it was. But still not as expected.

  • jasminelana

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  • haven haven
    haven haven

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  • Muhammad Kashif
    Muhammad Kashif

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