Sena 20S compatibility



  • Clay Jones
    Clay Jones

    I also read about the 30K and music only working with mesh.

    I don't have a 30k, but I do have a 50S and can confirm that when you use bluetooth intercom, there is no background music.  I can actually see the music player on my phone pause as I start the bluetooth intercom.  Pushing play on the phone doesn't bring the music back. 

    Only when I push the big wheel once to turn bluetooth intercom back off does my music come back.

    I've read that the 20S did have background music with bluetooth. intercom.

    By the way, a group of 5 won't work on 20S from what I've read.  The 20S can pair 4 headsets total, counting you.

    The 50S does have a way of bring the 20S into the mesh, but I haven't actually tried that.  You can download the manuals for the 50S and 30K from the website and read over all the features, but allot of things you just have to try before you really understand them.

  • Arctos

    If 5 of you have 20s, you can add 3 more 20s (evo), because 20s has a maximum 8 member in a group.

    30k can only handle a group of 4, or you are using mesh.

    When combining five 20s and one 30k, the group is reduced to a maximum of 4. And mesh will only work with other mesh, or all 20s must have an additional mesh expansion.

    "By the way, a group of 5 won't work on 20S from what I've read"
    that's wrong. You can have only a chain of 4, but you can have a group of 8. That's an important difference!







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