50S problems

Hi there,


I just purchased a 50S and have some gripes. I am running firmware version 1.0 which I am told is the latest version.


1. When I am listening to music the 50S is CONSTANTLY pausing the music, and saying "Intercom failed, try again later" even with the Mesh intercom (I'm assuming its the Mesh trying to connect) turned OFF. This is super annoying and there needs to be a way to turn off both the mesh and the legacy bluetooth intercom off in the app. I know there is a button to turn off the mesh, but clearly it is not working correctly with firmware 1.0.


2. There is no "boost audio" option like there was on the 20S I had before. Whenever I go into Mesh mode the music playing in the background goes to a level I can't really hear it, even if no one is speaking via Mesh. I have to disable Mesh in order to increase the ceiling of the music volume.


3. When I set one of the "speed dial" contacts in the Sena 50 Utility for iPhone, it relabeled my contact as "Sena Speed Dial #1" or something like that. That should NEVER happen, changing the name of a contact in my phone. Def something awry with the app there. Also a bunch of other brand new contacts were created with names like "Sena Speed Dial #2, #3, etc" but without complete phone numbers. Some had "217" as a number but it seemed random. That def needs fixed.


If someone can respond on each of the three points I mentioned that would be great. Thanks!



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