Harley Davidson Stamped Boom Audio 30K Firmware v3.0.1update (Mesh 2)

I received an email from SENA today introducing the 50R and 50S and the firmware update for all MESH capable devices as well as an option to upgrade to the 50R or 50S models for US owners only. I went to the HD site for firmware update and there is no new update available for my Boom Audio 30K only the v 2.2 version which I already have. I tried the SENA 30K app and it shows firmware v3.0.1 but when the app connects to my Boom Audio 30K it switches to current version 2.2 and installed version is 2.2 and, doesn't allow me to update to v3.0.1.

2 questions.

1. Will Canadian owners of Sena 30K models (including Boom Audio 30K) be offered an upgrade, and if so, when?

2. Why isn't the v3.0.1 firmware upgrade available for Boom Audio 30K, when can I expect it?


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