Mesh intercom disabled, Bluetooth intercom enabled - 3.0.1 Update on 30K



  • RK

    We are having the same issue. A group of 6 Sena 30Ks all with the new firmware update installed. Almost immediately after switching to Mesh it announces this message. Sometimes it does what it announces (switching back to Bluetooth, led becomes blue), but sometimes it stays on Mesh (led green) with the superior audio quality. However, if it stays on Mesh it keeps repeating the message on and on to all of us. The update surely has potential, but it needs some more work!

  • Clay Jones
    Clay Jones

    I have a new pair of 50S for me and wife/passenger.  We occasionally ride with a group and I'm still trying to figure out exactly how I want everything setup.  I think the 50S is very similar to the 30K for most features.

    It seems that Sena really pushes us to center everything around mesh intercom, not bluetooth.

    I have the 2 headsets paired both mesh and bluetooth, but we leave bluetooth off most of the time because we don't hear music or mesh when bluetooth is on.  So anything I say (most of the time) is broadcast to the whole group.

    If I want to talk to my wife, I hit the big button.  Music stops, bluetooth connects, and I hear the voice say "Mesh disabled".  Then we can talk privately.  But while we are talking, we can't hear the rest of the group.

    Once we're done, I push the big button again and music starts back up.  There is no voice telling me mesh was restarted, but I do hear my wife and others when they speak.

    This isn't ideal for us, as 90% of what I want to say is just chatting with my wife, but I can't do that or I won't hear anyone else or music. It also takes a second or two before the bluetooth is stable enough to talk and by then, the situational snide remark I wanted to make is past,.

    It also takes a 1 second push of the mesh button to mute my mic if I need to cough or sneeze without blowing out everyone's eardrums.

    I wish mesh had private and public channels with a push to talk button to switch from private to public..  In other words, I wish bluetooth worked like the old bike intercom with CB radio for bike to bike.

  • Martin Stone
    Martin Stone

    In the User Guide is states that if BT Intercom is enabled at the same time as meshing to another 50S/30K/MESH+ unit you will get the "Mesh intercom disabled, bluetooth intercom enabled" error message:

    Try this to diasble BT Intercom:

  • Mike Luca
    Mike Luca appears the pairing survives a factory reset. At least it appeared to on mine. I just went into the app and deleted headset #2.

  • Ken Kimari
    Ken Kimari

    On headset 2 also delete the pairing through the app.


  • Chris Vinzenz
    Chris Vinzenz

    I was riding last week with some friends he has a 20 and I have a 30, since the update had an issue pairing at standstill then riding along out of nowhere I am on their BT cht and the BT disabled.


    getting really fristrated with this

  • Ken Kimari
    Ken Kimari

    Chris - Not clear about what you are trying to do here. Are you trying to pair a 30 and 20 together through bluetooth or mesh?

    After updates you need to do a factory reset.  Was that done?



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