Sena 50S on Universal Helmet Clamp Kit for 20S?



  • Geraldine Cenci
    Geraldine Cenci

    Yesterday 5/19/2020 I chatted with someone named Yobonne, and was told:


    Yobonne: What is good about this is that, the helmet clamp kit of your Sena 20S is compatible to any of the refurbished 20S EVO, 30K or even the new 50S.

    I hope that helps.

  • Geraldine Cenci
    Geraldine Cenci

    Update - today in chat with another customer support rep, I was told that the 20S helmet clamp is NOT fully compatible with the 50S:

    "You cannot switch the clamp of the 20s and the 50s, either way, same with the mic and speakers since the 50s has more improved clamp kit and speakers and mic and it will not fully functional on the 20s and it will defeat the purpose of it."

    So, I suggest you reach out to them directly to get your specific questions answered.

    Good luck!

  • cameronbrody

    The 20S is a state-of-the-art motorcycle and Powersports Bluetooth communication system. This universal helmet clamp kit allows users to communicate through their Hayley-Davidsons CB radio and listen to the onboard audio system. Communicate with the CB radio built into the onboard audio system using the clamps kit's microphone.

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  • Mike Luca
    Mike Luca

    I have a few older 20s clamps on my second/third helmets. The 50s seems to work just fine on it. The stock 20s speakers were always the weakest link, but there are options to fix that (aftermarket helmet speakers plugged into the 3.5 mm jack, solder headset speakers to the old 20s harness or order the upgraded 50s speakers on the older clamp).  They made a change to the gasket between clamp and comm to beef up the water resistance, but backwards compatibility is a really nice thing if you already had invested in the Sena ecosystem.

  • Clay Jones
    Clay Jones

    I bought a used 20S clamp and it's working fine with my 50S


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